IMG_0227Stacy N. Sergent is an ordained minister, a hospital chaplain, an honest-to-God reverend, and the author of Being Called Chaplain: How I Lost My Name and (Eventually) Found My Faith, now available on Amazon Kindle and in print. Her second book is a work in progress. She makes her home in Mount Pleasant, just across the river from beautiful Charleston, South Carolina.  When not at the hospital, she can be found writing, reading (probably sci-fi/fantasy or theology, depending on which of her geeky tastes she is indulging at the moment), crocheting something cute, catching a meal or a movie with friends, singing in the church choir, preaching the occasional sermon, singing with her delightful fiancé and laughing with his two little boys, traveling as much as her budget will allow, or frolicking on the nearby beaches with her wonderful dog, Hurley.  You can follow her on Facebook and Twitter. 

(All views expressed are solely those of Stacy N. Sergent.  I do not speak for my family, my church, my denomination, my hospital, or for God.  But really, shouldn’t that go without saying?)

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