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My first book, Being Called Chaplain: How I Lost My Name and (Eventually) Found My Faith, is available on Amazon Kindle, and you can order the print version from my publisher, Harrelson Press (or get it at one of our signing events). This is the story of my first year as a hospital chaplain at a busy medical center, adjusting to a night shift schedule, dealing with the deaths of two people close to me, learning who I am once I’m not in school anymore, and most of all figuring out what I believe and how that faith is going to play out in my life. Here are just some of the great reviews it has received:SERGENT-15

Stacy’s story is for anyone who has ever questioned their faith, God, or what they believe at all. Her honesty in doing it while serving as chaplain to those in dire situations is a gift that frees us to accept doubt as an integral part of faith.  ~ Carrie Nettles, Lutheran Theological Seminary student

To a non-believer like me, prayer can seem a self-important concept: the notion that, if asked sincerely enough, the universe will shift itself around our transitory wishes. In her heartfelt account, Sergent relates how prayer has affected miraculous changes to her attitude and her faith, even if not to the persons for whom she prayed. Far from seeming self-important, the humility of her belief is truly inspiring.  ~ Matthew Nistico, self-proclaimed “heathen savage”

Stacy Sergent has written an insightful and candid account of her formation as a chaplain. Her transparency in discussing her journey with grief, negative self-talk, and the longing for marriage and a family is eye-opening. Many of us can identify.  With empathy and skill she ministers to individuals and families alike who confront the traumas of life and death. Stacy weaves a compelling narrative as a novice chaplain refining her theology in a crucible of personal and professional challenges. Sit down and be stirred by these stories.  ~ Gerald Hutchinson, retired US Navy and Marine Corps Chaplain, current Endorser for Chaplains of Cooperative Baptist Fellowship (CBF)

Sergent’s clear, honest account allows her powerful humanity to shine forth. An honest, uplifting exploration of personal faith, peppered with wit, wisdom, and the occasional wisecrack. A funny, touching, and highly relatable account of life in the spiritual trenches. I defy you to read this book and not fall in love with Sergent and her masterful blend of humanity, humility, and humor.  ~ Mindy Quigley, author of the Rev. Lindsay Harding Mysteries

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