unwrapping the presence of God

A powerful reminder that it’s about presence, not presents.

a preacher musing

This I have gleaned
from multiple conversations with wise elders—
not just the wry, explicit word I’ve heard from so many now,
“Growing old is not for the weak or faint of heart,”
but also the sense that in our old age
we pay for the life we’ve lived—
the physical toll of our body’s work and play,
the daily wear and tear of a lifetime of days,
and the emotional toll—
all payment due for having lived long
and ventured to spend one’s self fully.

But in conversation with one wise woman,
the vital importance was clear
of remembering the joy—
the savor of what was.

So I know how I want to prepare for aging.
The questions are simple.
What are the memories I want to have,
and am I making them?

Because I want to store up
the kinds of memories that will sustain me—
the experiences…

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