Stacy Crochetcy (It Rhymes!)


This week, I began a new business venture. I’ve been crocheting for a few years now, mostly making fun things for myself or gifts for friends and family. Over and over, I heard some of them say, “You should open an Etsy shop!” And so I finally have. I’m starting with just a few items, but I’ll be adding more in the days ahead, and I’m excited! If you’re looking for some lovely and slightly quirky handmade gifts, I invite you to check it out at this link: StacyCrochetcy on Etsy

Crocheting is more than just a hobby for me; it’s a spiritual discipline. Sometimes, through the gift of holy imagination, I have conversations with God while we crochet together.  I’ve written about them before, and reproduce one of my favorites here:

I sigh loudly, dropping the written pattern in my hand and ripping out yet another row of my work. “Ugh, this pattern sucks!”

“So why keep following it?” God asks.

“Because . . . it’s the pattern,” I stammer. “How would I know what to do without it?”

God smiles. “You have what you need, Beloved. I’ve made sure of that.”

I sigh again and roll my eyes, getting annoyed with God in the way that you can only get annoyed with someone you really love. “And what does that mean, exactly?” It’s always hard to get a straight answer during these chats.

“You know how to crochet. You do a stitch. Then you decide what you want the next stitch to be and do that one. And when you think it’s time to start a new row, you finish off and turn.”

“But what if it takes me fifty rows to realize I’ve made a mistake?” I ask.

“Then you rip out forty-nine and do it differently.”

“And lose everything?!” There is panic in the shrill crescendo of my question.

Calmly, God replies, “Not everything. You learn from your mistakes and build on your successes. I made you good at that.”

“Thanks,” I smirk. “But why couldn’t you have just made me so I do things right the first time?” By now I have learned not to expect answers to such questions. God begins a new row, and I stare with envy at the perfect stitches.
“Perfection isn’t the point, Beloved.” I jump, caught off guard by God’s spoken response to my silent thoughts. God laughs, then hands me the yarn and hook. “Here, you finish it.
With trembling hands, I loop the yarn over the hook and begin to put it through the next stitch. “But what is it?” I ask. God says nothing. I finish a single crochet and pause.
“Good,” God nods. “Now, what do you want the next stitch to be?” I sit staring at the yarn in my hands, terrified of ruining the beautiful work God has started. I can’t even tell what I’m supposed to make of it. A blanket? A scarf? A sweater? A doll? Maybe it’s something that hasn’t even occurred to me yet. Helplessly, I look up, and God winks. “Just the next stitch.”
“And then?”
God reaches over to squeeze my hand. “Then one more.” I take a deep breath, and loop the yarn over the hook.

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