A Pretty Good Month

FullSizeRender 8In its first month in paperback, my book Being Called Chaplain sold over 100 copies! I continue to get messages from readers who find something in the story that touches them personally. As I was reminded in church this second week of Easter, when we always hear the story of the apostle Thomas, doubt is an integral part of faith. My pastor quoted Frederick Buechner (one of my favorite authors) who said that doubt is “the ants in the pants of faith.” That seems to be the element of my story that most resonates with readers. One handwritten letter I received recently expressed it this way: 

I read from Tillich long ago that there could be no faith without doubt. It is a good thing to question and you showed that you had/have done that. Your challenge and honest struggle help me to a firmer conviction that God leads us step by step through dark valleys and hard times. Thank you.

My hope is that the book will continue to find its way into the hands and hearts of readers who will see in it affirmation of God’s presence in our times of darkness and doubting. In the next few weeks, I’ll have the chance to go “on the road” a bit with the book, doing book signings at different events and speaking at a local book club. If I’m in your area, please come by! And if not, I’d love to hear what the book meant to you. My Happy Thoughts Box is getting pretty full of notes from readers, and every one is a treasure to me. They really have been the best part of my first few weeks as a published author.

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